Strong yet malleable, these are the versatile ones that can adapt and fit like a dream into any scenario! Pine is one of the most fast growing and cheap softwoods available in the world. The largest sustainable Pine plantations of the world are in Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, South Africa and Canada. There are many varieties in Pine like Radiata,Elliotis,Abies Grandis, Sylvestris, Fir, Douglas, Spruce etc.

We import large volumes of Radiata Pine logs from NZ and Australia and saw them to required sizes by our customers. Radiata Pine in India is used only for construction beams and Packing Industry. We cater to the big builders in the country who use our Pine Wood as construction beams to construct huge towers and buildings. Our esteemed clientel for Radiata Pine also includes the big glass producing and machinery manufacturing factories in India who use Radiata Pine for packaging of their high value products. One of the biggest uses of Pine Wood is producing Wooden Pallets. Use of wooden pallets has greatly reduced the time in storage and moving of goods inside the factory or shipment overseas.

Also available with us in good volumes is Spruce and Sylvestris Pine from Europe.

We can supply kiln dried and treated Pine to prevent from fungus and borers.