Sports Infrastructure: Dynamic

The tough & durable contenders for high adrenaline spaces!

Manufactured by Costa Sports Systems Pvt Ltd, a sports infrastructure company specializing in building various kinds of indoor and outdoor sporting arenas, these products are of a premium & reliable quality and aim to increase the overall standards of sports infrastructure in India.

Wooden Flooring

‘COSTA’ Air-Cush squash court wooden flooring, the wood used is White Oak and Maple. The COSTA Wooden surface is apt for all ages of players and can be used as multi-functional sports floor. The COSTA wooden flooring of squash court is safe and injury free sports floor with excellent and consistent resiliency and friction. It is designed in a way to prevent injuries and different body parts. It provides a perfect balance between furnishing and slide which is essentially required to enhance comfort and improve performance. The COSTA wooden surfaces are parallel to the requirements and standards set up by respective international agencies/bodies/federations for respective sports. The COSTA wooden surfaces are sanded, buffed, sealed and finished and are KILN & Borate treated for protection against humidity and insects. The sub-floor treated sleepers provide the necessary support and space allowing suitable air circulation/ventilation for added dimensional stability durability.

Synthetic Flooring

Synthetic is the need of the time for tennis courts. COSTA is the leading manufacturer of the courts of different sports among which tennis court is one of the significant ones. The material that our company offers is able to withstand all types of weather and climatic conditions. Thus anywhere in India COSTA strives to offer its dedicated service.

Synthetic is used for the court for it stays unchanged in the long run. We (synthetic surface developer in India) will provide you synthetic that give a proper elasticity and cushion to the floor. The floor is UV resistant and won’t be affected by fungus, bacteria or any kind of insects. The antimicrobial layer that we provide in the flooring makes it durable up to 20 years.

Rubber Flooring

The high performance qualities of Costa Sports Products along with the specialized expertise of Reform Sports behind its manufacture and installation of rubber flooring for children’s play area, has led to the development of an extensive range of world class Rubber Floors and Tiles sports arena globally.

Rubber flooring is an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors installations where a durable surface is required. The hardest wearing flooring finishes are rubber flooring. These flooring are available in different colors, designs, thicknesses and grades to suit the needs of the clients.

PVC / Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular indoor flooring surfaces simply because of its cost, utility & comfort. It is a state of art indoor flooring being installed at all primary sport locations.

Vinyl flooring is a resilient type of flooring. Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, and its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal feature helps in reducing allergens by preventing the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms thus maintaining a hygienic condition in the room. Vinyl flooring’s non-slippery and non-abrasive finish feature provides extra comfort. Vinyl flooring comes in numerous designs, patterns and colors. It is also available in wooden finish.

Costa Plast (Civil Works)

The COSTAA hard plaster of squash court system provides a unique combination of great strength and whiteness. The COSTAA Plaster walls are in accident with all specifications and standards defined by international bodies / agencies /authorities / federations. It is designed in a way to suit all kinds of climatic conditions in India.

Costa Glass Black Wall (Civil Works)

The COSTAA Squash glass back wall meets all the requirements and standards set by the international bodies/agencies/authorities/federations. It is designed,manufactured and installed in a way to resist repeated high energy impacts. The material used is wholly compatible with 12mm toughened glass and able to cope with constant stress applied.

Asphalt Surface for Synthetic Flooring (Civil Works)

Hot mix asphalt(HMA) Surfaces are a very important part of today’s recreational surfacing industry. HMA provides affordable and durable all weather pavements that athletic surfaces provide throughout the world.
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Chain Link Fencing & Toe Walls (Civil Works)

A chain-link fence (also referred to as wire netting, wire-mesh fence, chain-wire fence, cyclone fence, hurricane fence, or diamond-mesh fence) is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire. The wires run vertically and are bent into a zig-zag pattern so that each “zig” hooks with the wire immediately on one side and each “zag” with the wire immediately on the other. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern seen in this type of fence.

Lighting System (Civil Works)

The PRO SERIES reflectors were engineered to create the perfect beam spread for sports lighting. Pro Series offers multiple configurations ranging from a narrow to wide beams to fit any application.

Drainage System (Civil Works)

Drain systems are a very important part of construction in sport surfaces. Excess water that flows back onto the surface or beneath the surface can cause problems. Properly installed drainage systems divert water away from the court and should be inspected from time to time.