We are one of the largest importers of Decorative Wood in India, used mainly for furniture manufacturing and interior decoration of our homes and offices .We constantly try to search for new textures, colors and grains in new unintroduced wood around the vast forest area in this world to make our home and office look exclusive. Every human nature gets bored of looking at the same things around him for years. We constantly make an effort to try and change wood patterns and wood finishes to preserve the freshness in our offices and homes.

For centuries India has been one of the biggest appreciators of Teak wood for their interior decorations. We import all kinds of Teak Wood, ranging from the most sophisticated and expensive Teak available in Myanmar to the more affordable but classy Teak available in West African countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria to the more commercial variety of Teak available in Latin American Countries like Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador.

But as time moves on so does the taste and preferences of the new generation. Teak is still the most popular wood used in the Indian furniture or interiors but people are looking to use various other beautiful woods available to decorate our homes and offices. Following the trend we started to import all the elegant white woods of Europe like Ash, Beech, Maple, Sycamore, Oak, Alder etc. These woods are from sustainable European forestry and will continue to serve us much longer than any other tropical or rain forestry wood in the world. Ebony and Wenge are the flashy black woods which we import from Congo and Gabon in Africa.Also available with us for your staircases and dining room flooring is the American Walnut. We take pride in informing that we import at all major Indian ports in India like Chennai, Vishakapattanam, Kandla, Mumbai and Kolkata.