As Face Veneer lays the first impression of the quality of Ply-woods, Flush Doors or Block Boards, Core Veneer defines the actual strength and durability of the Plywood and Flush Doors. Core Veneer from hardwoods like Hollong have been long proved to suit best for durability of Ply-woods and Flush Doors in Indian climatic conditions. We manufacture Hollong Core Veneer as per our customer specifications which include thickness,percentage of moisture content etc. We take utmost care in maintaining uniformity in thickness of our Core Veneer as various layers of these Core Veneers when pasted together defines the accuracy of the thickness of Plywood, Flush Door or Block Board manufactured. At the moment there are only a select few Plywood or Flush door manufacturing units in India which uses Hollong Core Veneer because it is comparatively expensive to the other local hardwood’s Core Veneer.