Year of Establishment: 1970
Location: Kolkata
Nature: Trading

HTT is an Import based Trading Company and the Parent Company of the Group. The company imports various varieties of timber from different countries and re-sells to Saw Millers.

Phone No: +91-33-22592532 / +91-33-22591027
Address: 67/25 Strand Road, Kolkata 700056, India

Our Products

Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine from New Zealand: Radiata Pine has a number of structural uses including decking, fencing, exterior cladding, window sashes, pergolas, landscaping, shingles, barge boards and exterior trim… »

Steamed Beech Northern Europe

European Beech has caught the imagination of the American Interior and Furnishing Design Industry. With such a wide range of possibilities in cabinetry furniture, and flooring, European Beech has quickly… »

Gmelina Wood

Gmelina Wood from Nigeria, Ghana: Arborea timber is reasonably strong for its weight. It is used in constructions, furniture, carriages, sports, musical instruments and artificial limbs… »

Salwood from Malaysia

Salwood (BALAU) from Malaysia: The Standard Malaysian Name for the heavy, yellow to brown timbers of the genus Shorea (Dipterocarpaceae). Vernacular names applied include balau (Peninsular Malaysia) with various epithets.. »