Year of Establishment: 2003
Location: Byrnihat, Meghalaya
Nature: Manufacturing
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

Primary activities include peeling of Commercial Face Veneer and Manufacturing of Plywood/Block Boards and Flush Doors. The Company has a state of art manufacturing facility spread over 11 acres of land.

Phone No: +91-33-22592532 / +91-33-22591027
Address: Byrnihat, Meghalaya, India

Our Products

Meghalaya Pine Lumbers

Meghalaya Pine is one of the most famous varieties of Pinewood available in India. Most of these Pine forests are located near the Scotland of the Easte i.e Shillong. For centuries, Meghalaya Pine because of its… »

Birch and Makrisal Core Veneer

Birch and Makdi Sal are popular Hardwoods available in plenty in Assam and Meghalaya forest region. These species have been used for years in the North Eastern region of India to produce… »